About Me

  • Full Name : Vivian Ibra
  • Nick Name : Ibra or Vian
  • Born : Pekalongan, May 18th
  • Star Sign : Taurus
  • Shio : Rabbit
  • Hobbies : Reading, playing pottermore, writing, collect postcards and stamps.
  • Wanna be : Writer
  • Fav. Foods : Soto (traditional soup from Indonesia)
  • Fav. Drinks : Juice, ice tea
  • Fav. colour : Blue, green, brown, white
  • Fav. books : Harry Potter, Stargirl, The Princess Diaries
“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” ― Mark Twain

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 Email : vian.ibra@gmail.com

Let me introduce myself.

"Halo, Apa Kabar?" That is how we say "Hello, how are you?" in Indonesia .
My name is Vian Ibra. I'm 15 years old; High School student. I was born and raised in the beautiful county, Indonesia. Indonesia is a country with more than 17.000 islands and vast diverse culture and ethnicity :)

My hobbies are reading and writing, my ambition is to one day become a novelist. I am also interested in environment. I believe that healthy environment can make human beings become healthier. That is why I am keen to encourage our young generations to take part in mission of environment saving. I believe so much that in life there is lot to be pursued and achieved.

Beside that, I love to collecting postcards and stamps from around the world. My target is to have postcards and stamps from all countries and continents in the world.

Everything about my blog

  • Start a blog : 2007/2008
  • Active blogs : March 2012
  • Target blogging : Invite people to join in Postcrossing
  • Informations : Personal , My postcards collection, Postcrossing


  • 2nd Runner Up Blog Competition "Pekalongan Menuju Kota Kreatif Dunia" in 2013.
  • Youngest Participant in Blog Competition "Pekalongan Menuju Kota Kreatif Dunia" (14 years old)
  • Blog ibravian.blogspot.com (sebelum berganti URL menjadi http://mypostcarsjournal.co.vu) telah diliput oleh Batik TV, Pekalongan

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