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Nisa Maylafaizza AK. Dian Valent
Salma Saniyya Fathia Rahma Eff
Lyka Ray Ishmaryam Ajan
You You You You

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Youth Go Travel
1. Youth Go Travel FB page
2. Youth Go Travel website

Youth Go Travel is a travel blog fostered by a couple that loves traveling (they are Gelato and Jacknass), though separated by two different continents. It was released on 6th March 2013.Together, we use almost all kind of media for our contents, such as articles, photos and videos based on our experienced and previous arts and cultural projects. The concepts which are brought by this weblog are youth, culture, and travel. The concepts are symbolized by the logo made by one loyal visitor who volunteered to contribute in this project. The prior aim of this weblog is to engage youth around the world to travel and learn different cultures to make peace and better world. Indeed, we intend to create another website with similar concept but for bigger scope of visitors in the future.

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