Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Liebster Award by Eff.

Yay! Blog saya ini masuk nominasi Liebster Award. Terima kasih untuk Eff, karena sudah tag saya. Langsung saja, ini dia daftar pertanyaannya :

Questions :

1) 3 words that describe you.
2) What is your fav nickname? And why?
3) Recommend for me a movie yang interesting. Nak tengok masa cuti hew hew hew.
4) Recommend for me a song yang interesting. (dalam kata lain lagu fav lol)
5) Five things to bring bila nak keluar rumah.
6) Describe your ideal bestfriend.
7) If you had a chance to go travel, which country would you like to go?
8) How long have you been a blogger?
9) What is interesting of being a blogger?
10) Ever been in a relationship? How does it feel when having them?
11) When was the best moment of your life?

and my answer is ...

1) Kind, funny, genius (lol :P)
2) Ibra. My full name is Vivian Ibra and I didn't like people call me Vivian. It's girl name. So, please call me Ibra.
3) Harry Potter!! or maybe Titanic.
4) Your Doll by Sunny SNSD (OST of K-Drama : "Oh! My Lady"). It's my favourite song!
5) Bag, money, book, stationery, and flash disk.
6) My ideal bestfriend are someone who tell me that I'm special and IMPORTANT and able to make someone out their smile. Someone who say "Without you, I'm lost" and "I love you my friend, I'm glad we are friends!"
7) Korea, Japan, or the United States!
8) Since I'm in elementary school. About.. 4 years. Maybe.
9) I don't know. I just love writing. And being a blogger, many people can read my writing. It's interesting for me.
10) Never in relationship.
11) When I can make someone out their smile. When I talking with my bestfriend.

And the NOMINATES are :

1. Nurul Rasya
2. Cik Putri
3. Nurhafzhan
4. Sephia


1. Tell me about yourself.
2. What is your hobby.
3. Did you like postcards?
4. Tell me about your bestfriend :)
5. Did you ever visit Indonesia?
6. What do you thing about Indonesia?
7.  If you have a chance to be in Indonesia, what do you think you will do first.
8. Like travelling?
9. What languages can you speak?
10. What is your favourite country and why.
11. Pendapat anda tentang blog saya?


Nur Hafzhan said...

Wow! Ive been tagged? Thank you! ^^

nurul-rasya said...

thank you for tagging me and I think by now you should've already got the postcard :)

Ibra said...

@Nur Hafzhan : You're welcome :)
@nurul-rasya : You're right! Thank you so much :D