Monday, 12 May 2014

#32 - Legend Of The Sleeping Bear

Indians tell of a mother bear and her two cubs who long ago tired to swim across Lake Michigan. Nearing this shore, the exhausted cubs lagged behind. Mother bear climbed to the top of a bluff to watch and wait for her offspring. They never reached her and today she can still be seen as the "Sleeping Bear", a solitary dune covered with dark tress and shrubs. Her helpless cubs are the Manitou Islands that lie a short distance away.

The beauty, the lore and legend, the lakes and rivers, the forest woodlands and the recreational opportunities create an unsurpassed stretch of Lake Michigan shoreline.

I received this postcard from April Bisel. Thank you so much April for sending me postcard from a state in my missing US State. This is my first postcard from Michigan. Actually, I received some postcards (not just one) from April.

And here is the message written at the backside of it :

★ This is a very old legend! This beautiful spot is about 15 mint arrive from my home.
One of my most favourite spot! :)

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