Tuesday, 20 May 2014

#35 RU-2399310 6 March 2014

Thank you Irina!
Postcard : Russian Emperor
Sent : 31 January 2014 (from Russia)
Received : 6 March 2014
Distance :9,385 km (5,832 miles)
Travelling : 34 days


Jaiza Jumawan said...

hello. are you a travel blogger? and collector? :D


Vivian Ibra said...

@Jaiza : No, I'm not traveller. I'm high scholl student. And yes, I'm collector. I collect postcards and stamps from around the world.

Jaiza Jumawan said...

wow that's cool! :D where do you find your collections? :D that's a really amazing hobby though

Vivian Ibra said...

@Jaiza : I join this site : http://postcrossing.com
I also send email to the embassies of other countries or tourism organization and ask for postcards. :D

Did you interest to join http://postcrossing.com ?

merysah rajis said...

nice postcard..i really like it

Vivian Ibra said...

@Merysah : Thank you! xD