Sunday, 9 March 2014

#4 - Postcard with Many Signature

PORTUGAL is one of my favourite country. It's located in South-Western Europe. The capital city and the largest city is Lisboa.

About the card : Leiria is one of city in Leiria Municipality in the Centro Region of Portugal. It is the capital of Leiria District. Leiria locate near the western coast, in the central region of Portugal, with a Mediterranean climate with oceanic influence.


I received this card from my friend, Willy Constant from Netherlands at 6 February 2014.
It take 45 days travelling (he sent the envelope at 23 December 2013)

We only swap stamps. But, he surprised me by sending me a postcard  in envelope.
Behind the card, there is a signature of students and teacher from Esalv School, Leira, Portugal.

Thank you so much, Willy! I like the card. This is my first card from Portugal.

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Willa @ Postcard Perfect said...

This is really nice card.Your friend is so nice to send you this card. :)