Monday, 24 March 2014

#15 FI-1995059 13 March 2014

FINLAND is a Nordic country in Northern Europe with a population of 5,454,444 habitants. The capital of Finland is Helsinki.

Postcard : Lappi (Finnish word) - Lapland (English) is the northern part of Finland. Lapland refers to land inhabited by the Sami people, formerly called Lapp people. They have own culture, own costumes, own language, etc. Sami people are very often a theme of Finnish postcards. In Finland they sell Lapland cards also in every city because the views from Lapland are so beautiful!
Kiitos tiedoista, Elina!


This is my first official postcard from Suomi Finland. Thank you to Sari for sending me this beautiful postcard. This card has traveled a distance of 10,168 km in 46 days.

"Kaikkea hyvää sinulle" (Finnish)= Everything good for you

PS : I have question. What does "Suomi" means?

In Finland the people call their country Suomi that`s the name in the own language. Like Polska is Poland in Polish language. Thank you for everyone who answer my question (in facebook and this blog). ^-^

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Anonymous said...

Suomi is the Finnish name for Finland :)