Monday, 25 June 2012

Download Plants vs Zombie 2

Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.

Free Download New Plants vs Zombie 2
In Plants vs. Zombies, players place different types of plants and fungi, each with their own unique offensive or defensive capabilities, around a house in order to stop a horde of zombies from devouring the brains of the residents. The playing field is divided into a number of horizontal "lanes", and with rare exceptions, a zombie will only move towards the player's house along one lane (the main exception is if it has scented a garlic). Most plants can only attack or defend against zombies in the lane they are planted in. In the game's initial levels, if the zombie reaches the player's house, a one-shot tool (a lawn mower) can be used to completely wipe out zombies in that lane, but the tool will not be restored until the next level. In later levels, players have to purchase upgrades so as to adapt their lawn-mower to new environments like pools or rooftops. Except in special cases, Zombies attempt to devour any plants in their way while heading towards the house.

Game modes
The primary game mode is a single-player and co-op Adventure mode, pitting the player against wave after wave of zombies. Killing any zombies and finishing the levels may earn the player money that can be used at a store run by the neighbor "Crazy Dave" to buy new seed packets and other bonuses. In some levels of the game, the player will be provided with random seed packets, with no sunlight requirement, at regular intervals, and the player must figure out how best to survive with the random seeds given.

Free Download New Plants vs Zombie 2 | (55.18MB)

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